Sunday, 27 October 2013

New Packaging Project

This is the new project that I uploaded to my website on Wednesday. It's really just my own take on the Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolates. I love their current packaging so I kept a few aspects of it since they work really well. These ones are slightly taller and slimmer than the current packaging and the layout is simple and to the point on both the front and back. It was great working on a cylindrical wrapper as it's not something I've done before now and its been a while since I worked on something 3D. Originally I had considered making two of my own flavours, cherry and vanilla but I decided 5 was really enough without adding any extra.

Now that it's Autumn I'm having a bit of trouble with my photography studio (a.k.a outside in daylight) because it's really wet and windy, so I took the photos indoors but some of them came out great despite the dim lighting. You can have a proper look at the project on my website

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